The Fine English Company recognises the long standing regard for British craftsmanship, harnessing traditional skills and materials but updating with a contemporary design as part of a luxury lifestyle.

The products draw inspiration from traditional British pastimes and historical cues, including the colonies, military, architecture, automotive, aeronautical and sporting pursuits eg. hunting, shooting, fishing and polo.

We seek to capture that eccentricity and authenticity inherent in English society - a touch of rebellion in an otherwise restrained psyche such as a pink silk lining in a Savile Row bespoke suit, your initials in tacks emblazoned on the bottom of a pair of best bench made shoes or just your socks not matching because you have more important things to worry about.

Look out for the Fine English Polo team in 2010 based at Cirencester Park and our various events planned throughout the calendar year.
Creators of the finest bespoke furniture and interiors - handmade in England for the most discerning individual